Checklist for New Moms

A baby is a blessing from the heavens and it is a carrier of joy and happiness in a household. They make people smile and they are the best stress-reliever of all time. They do give you some stress but they are also the one that could take those away with just a single smile. They are very precious and they could come at the most unexpected time, so you have to be ready if you are a pregnant mommy. Before your baby arrives, there are things that you need to prepare.

Aside from the SLC newborn photography sessions, there are more practical things that you should have when you are expecting a baby. Make sure that you get your hospital and baby bag ready before you reach full term of your pregnancy because there are many babies that decides to come early to surprise their parents. Therefore, a ready mommy is a good mommy. Do not get the excitement come your way because you will never regret being ready and prepared when your little bundle of joy arrives.

To guide you while you prepare for the arrival of your baby, we have prepared a checklist for you to refer to so that you will not miss anything important.

  • Hospital Bag: A hospital bag holds everything that you need when you are in the hospital. When you prepare this, you need to have your clothes, your partner’s clothes, and charger for your electronics, extra batteries for your camera, potable water, slippers, toiletries and many more.
  • Baby Bottle: Even if you do not like to feed your baby with a bottle, you still have to be ready because there are some mothers who cannot produce milk, therefore, you cannot do exclusive breastfeeding and your child would have to drink milk from the bottle in which there is nothing wrong about it. You just have to have it just to be sure.
  • Diaper: The diaper of the baby is something that the hospital can give you when you give birth but babies always pees and poops, so you have to have some extra ones. Also, do not buy a lot of the same brand because your baby might not like a particular brand.
  • Bath Tub: After you give birth, you will need a baby tub because this is where your baby would take a bath. This is much more convenient than putting them on the sink which could be dangerous.
  • Clothes: Of course, your baby needs some clothes. If there is a certain outfit that you would like your baby to be in the moment he comes out, make sure that you give it to the nurses beforehand so that they will know what to dress your baby in.
  • Burp Cloths: Burp clothes are very important because you could use it for a variety of things. You can use it as a normal burp cloth or you could use it as something you wipe your baby with.
  • Car Seat: A car seat should be installed before you reach your due date because it is always good to be prepared and there would not be enough time for you or your partner to do it once you feel the pain of giving birth.

As long as you tick everything in this list, you will be a great parent to a newborn baby.

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